Shooting by drone

An aerial point of view

For the sale of a property, a local business or an industry, one good photo can make the difference.

Because the first impression always counts, we propose a solution that allows you to highlight the estate.

A view from the sky offers a global vision of what you want to highlight.

Your property from above

This process aims to answer some questions about your prospects, in particular :

  • the surface of the property
  • the quality of the environment (gardens, neighborhood, roads, rivers)
  • the state of covers or facades often decisive when making an acquisition

This process should allow you to quickly find a buyer. Our services are intended for real estate agents, individuals and institutional clients.

Being specialized in building, insurance and real estate, Dronotec can recommend other skilled professionals UAV operator for other delivery drone shooting (corporate promotional film, wedding, sports events …).

A service for everyone

For the owner of the property, this service allows you to have a better visibility of other deals in the market, help you to sell faster, and acquire beautiful pictures of the place you sale.

For the future buyer, we offer a technical diagnosis of the existing place. According to your request, we can evaluate the needs for renovation and evaluate their provisional costs.

This way, the real estate agent provides the best quality of service to the customer with a faster sale and better pieces of advice.

We also offer our services to communities, dealership networks, and we assist project managers and technical studies offices in achieving their mission.

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