Why use our services

See better, understand better, decide better

A new vision of the assesment by drone for a better understanding of the damage.
Better information to help you to take your decision.


Our drone services meet a large number of applications that can be very useful in the management of a mission or technical analysis of a property.


Dronotec assists you and offers drone inspection services, technical advice on the choice of precautionary measures, answers on the causes and circumstances of the accident, and a clear picture of the extent of the damages.

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and leaks

This process is used to locate and analyze leaks on fluids networks or water infiltration through covers, facades or inaccessible places.

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Inspection cover
and fronts

Or how to simplify and accelerate diagnostic procedures of property assets for a better decision making.

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After strong winds, landslides and floods, our drones are able to access dangerous and hard to reach areas without taking any risks for the people around.

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Inspection of
solar farms

Equipped with thermal cameras, our drones are able to fly and identify the defective panels.

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Inspection of
works of art

To control infrastructures, our drones are capable of capturing unique perspectives and provide valuable data about the state of the works.

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For the study, or the sale of an estate, a property, local business and industry.

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We offer attractive prices to suit your needs, from 490 € ex VAT. Contact us for a customized quote.

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