What we do :

We operate our technical drones to identify infiltrations on terraces, roofs or façades, to offer a photographic assessment of the damage or to identify energy loss phenomena on buildings with our thermal imaging cameras.

Our methods allow you to assess accurately the extent of the damage to help you to quickly take protective measures, help to limit the cost of the claim, especially in regard to complaints about immaterial damages (loss of exploitation, loss of use, loss of rent …)

About Dronotec

We put our skills at your service. Dronotec provides answers to your requests for technical expertise with an UAV and is committed to provide the best quality of service.

Our aim is to provide to insurance companies and real estate professionals a specialized service for drone inspection, giving you the opportunity to assess the risk safely.

The use of drones does not involve heavy infrastructure such as scaffoldings, cranes and helicopters usually used for this type of research, and thus help you to reduce the cost of the inspection.

A team at your service

Our team is available to answer your questions.

Emilien ROSE

CEO of Dronotec

. Chartered Surveyor (MRICS), graduate
. 8 years as a loss adjuster
. professional civil UAV operator



Data processing Manager

. Technical specialist in drone installation and integration
. 10 years of experience in photo and video editing
. professional civil UAV operator

Lionel LEDUC

Sales Manager - Business Development Manager

. 3D modeling and computer specialist
. 7 years of experience in architectural practice
. professional civil UAV operator


Mélanie ROSE

SARL Dronotec Associate

. Quality manager
. Continual improvement and quality management

Our customers

Who can benefit from our services ?


We offer to assist you with amicable and legal expertise operations, and with investigations of leak detection, crack identification, roof terrace impermeability, landslides, thermal control, or topographic survey of a property.


To take the right precautionary measures, identify the cause of the damage, assess the extent of disorders, our drones offer a unique view of the risk. Our HD sensors provide you with important information for the management of your mission and the resolution of complex claims.


On behalf of your insurance, we will make every effort be present on the premises of the accident as quickly as possible.
Our activity requires a specific logistic, you will thus be contacted by one of our staff before the inspection.
We will send our findings as soon as possible to your insurance company and strive to understand and identify the damage you are undergoing.


To save energy, our thermographic drones allow you to identify thermal bridges in your home, to access an inaccessible roof, check gutters, or take aerial photographs of your property for sale and allow you to save money.
We offer a wide variety of services, at a moderate price and adapted to suit any needs.


Need a quick intervention on a building to inspect a roof, a facade, inaccessible gutters, detect a leak? Our solutions can avoid setting up scaffoldings, the intervention of a steeplejack or renting a crane truck, and help you to save money.


Dronotec assists communities with their urban renewal project. For energy inspection of buildings, sealing controls of inaccessible roof terraces, establishing a diagnosis of the condition of the structure, we offer you a unique view of all your assets.