Loss adjusting

Fast and efficient

The inspection by drone can, in the case of disaster expertise, allow to limit the cost of the record by rapidly identifying protective measures, limiting claims that may cover the loss of business, loss of rental income or the relocation costs.

This process should allow you to accurately assess the extent of damage on non-accessible and dangerous parts.

Water damage

Our drones can, thanks to a thermal camera and a high resolution camera, identify, locate, detect leaks or seepage points on facades,  rooftop terraces, or the presence of leaves in gutters and eaves.

In case of a storm, hail and snow

Our drones have easy access to roofs or disaster areas without any risk of physical harm for the people around and facilitate the assessment of the damage for the loss adjuster.

Inspection of a whole plot

To delimit the damage of a property, analyse a landslide or access places that have been damaged by floods.

Fire inspection

We can access dangerous areas that might collapse, define the necessary measures to keep the integrity of the building, study the causes and circumstances of the claim and help you to identify responsibilities.

For the verification of insured risk

Our drones can assess the footprint of the buildings and provide an overview of the risk insured. This can be very useful for industries, agricultural risks, and large properties.