Inspection of covers and facade

An eye in the sky

Faster than the installation of a scaffolding, less dangerous than the intervention of a roofer, more efficient on large surfaces, our drones offer a competitive advantage over traditional methods of inspection of covers and facades.

Get closer to the information that your looking for.

Identify your needs

Thanks to our diagnosis, you can identify precisely the maintenance and repair needs of your assets :

  • Control of the gutters
  • Checking the condition of waters descents on the facade
  • Presence of plant residues on the covers
  • Localizing facade cracks
  • Assist in the evaluation of renovation work of coverage
  • Control of sealing records
  • Checking chimney caps and chimney pots

All these checks can be done in one intervention and provide you with the information you need to manage your property.


We can also equip our drones with thermal camera and detect water leaks through façade or thermal loss on roof terraces.