Eco-responsible and civic participations :

Let us be the masters of our environmental impact

Dronotec deeply cares about the future and strives to respect the environment in which we operate. Dronotec adopts an eco-friendly approach and innovates to reduce its environmental impact.

covered with an electric car

covered by bicycle

of gasoline saved

of CO2 not emitted into town

Our eco-responsible and civic commitments

The Dronotec commitments :

  • The use of drones is intended to reduce CO2 emissions compared to other traditional methods such as scaffolding, bucket trucks, roofers and helicopters.
  • Our website is hosted in France.
  • Our drones are electric and assembled by our teams in France.
  • Our Paris team uses electric vehicles, such as Renault Zoe and Autolib, made in France.
  • The batteries used by our drones are recyclable.