Climate events – natural disasters

An eye in the sky

Dronotec offers a comprehensive view of the risk to help you with your disaster inspection.

Our mission has multiple objectives

  • Identify the precautionary measures to be taken to secure the assets of the insured
  • Analyze the causes and circumstances of a disaster
  • Determine the extent of the disorders to allow your loss adjuster to achieve the most accurate damage assessment
  • Be able to take action without any risks for the people nearby (insured, expert, roofer …), especially if there is a risk of collapsing of the building

Meet your requests concerning inspections

Our team is specialized in loss adjusting with drone

  • Flooding and mudslide
  • Landslide
  • Strong wind and storm
  • Drought
  • Tornadoes and cyclones
  • Sea-related issues
  • Forest fire

The appropriate equipment

Our cameras enable us to watch the recording from our ground station. Your expert can also watch those images during our inspection, if he wishes.


We have annual authorizations to fly in many departments of French regions in order to be able to take action as quickly as possible.

After the drone inspection, the photographic data will be used and processed . We will then give you technical advice to help you make the best decisions and accurately assess the damage.

Burned Hillside