About us

We are a french innovative network of UAV pilot specialised in surveying and inspection. We offer to companies a drone inspection service, cost effective and eco-friendly solution, allowing you to take the right decisions in the management of your missions.

Expertise disaster

Réseau Dronotec assists you and offers UAV inspection services, technical advice on the choice of precautionary measures, answers on the causes and circumstances of the accident, and a clear picture of the extent of the damages.

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Climate Events

After strong winds, landslides, floods, our drones are able to access difficult and dangerous areas without any risk for the people involved. Send our drones where you can’t go.

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Infra red imagery is used to locate and analyze heat leakage, inspect fluids networks and water infiltration through covers and facades, detect overheating on electrical equipment.

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Réseau Dronotec helps you to deal with problems related to buildings and brings you the best information, while reducing the time required for your technical inspection.

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Our missions

Attentive to your needs, we put our skills at your service by offering  UAV inspection services

Regulation and safety

Réseau Dronotec guarantees you to implement all the necessary means to ensure the safety of the people and properties on the premises of the intervention. Our civil UAV operators have completed a specific training and know how to communicate with airspace regulation.

regulations and safety

Best quality of service

The quality of our services is based on the attention we pay to the needs of our customers, the expertise of our teams and our quick response. Our goal is to provide significant improvement in productivity, reliability and efficiency for each of our drone inspection.


Eco-responsibility and civic participation

Our company cares about the future and strives to respect the environment in which we operates. Dronotec adopts an eco-friendly approach and innovates to reduce its environmental impact.

Eco-responsible and civic participations

Secure data

The protection of your data is a major issue. Réseau Dronotec opted for a protected IT ecosystem without customer portal. Customer data is stored offline. Our website is hosted by a French company. By conviction and to defend your interests, we take the opposite way to the current trend.

Surveying UAV network in France

Applications for our drone

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